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enormes Helium Überpusten

9. Januar 2016 − Marie

16:03 Minuten

Marie making a knot in her first three balloons, which are filling with helium, putting a string on it and let it flight on top. So then she want to overinflate all another balloons, but Marie is a little bit scared, because they are very tough and popping very late. After her helium popping time, she takes the three flighting balloons and popping them.



Kollektion einiger kurzer Clips

9. Dezember 2015 − Angie

10:35 Minuten

1. 1Min 08s - B2P yellow small party balloon

2. 3Min 27s - blowing red Happy Birthday U16, make a knot and pressing to the ground

3. 2Min 22s - blowing up a pink U14 and bursting with the nails (nearly B2P)

4. 1Min 50s - smoking while holding a blue U14 balloon between the legs finger, sit2pop on the bench

5. 1Min 44s - sit2pop a purple U14 on the bench (knot break off)