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kurzer Blow2Pop mit Kuss (Beschreibung lesen)

17. Oktober 2016

3:22 Minuten

Der Ballon platzt etwas früher als erwartet.



Angel's wütender und sexy Fingernägel-Platz-Spaß (Beschreibung lesen)

14. Oktober 2016 − Angel

9:35 Minuten

Your girlfriend entering the room and is angry, because there are balloons, so she will pop your balloons. After the beginning she showing you her fingernail popping skills and do more and more in a sexy way.



[Story] Party Vorbereitung mit einem knalligen Ende (Blow2Pop, Sit2Pop)

10. Oktober 2016 − Jeanette

14:22 Minuten

You working on the laptop and Jeanette come in. She take some ballons out of her box for a party and you watching her the preparation. She see that you're love to watching her, so she decide so pop the ballooncluster by doing sitpops and performing a Blow2Pop.


- without subtitles -




[story] deine Tante pustet dich mit der Fußpumpe auf

28. September 2016 − Angel

10:42 Minuten

You (nephew) watching your aunt while she is pumping a huge Q18. She is grumbling to you, because you don't go out in your own room. She inflating you as a balloon and laughting till you going to explode.