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News from June 07, 2017

!!! CUSTOMCLIPS with the busty model KATERINA HARTLOVA available !!!

On July 2nd I am very happy to shoot with the known czech busty model KATERINA HARTLOVA :)

She is well known from some websites, modeling with her huge natural tits and doing some masturbation or hardcore videos.


You have a rare chance to order a customclip for the shooting with each setting. Just contact me via the contact form or write me an email to info[at]




another electrical pumppopping scene

June 23, 2017 − Marie

4:21 minutes

239 - Marie trying again to overinflate some balloons on the electrical pump.



two Blow2Pops red and blue U16 with mouthpieces

June 20, 2017 − Jeanette

4:38 minutes

238 - Jeanette holding a red and a blue balloon, mounted with mouthpieces in her hand and starting a Blow2Pop of both. Which one popping earlier?



sitpopping fun in dessous

June 16, 2017 − Daisy

9:00 minutes

237 - Daisy sitpopping different balloon sizes and preparing some other by the electical balloon pump. She enjoying endless fun and speaking in English conversation.



her first clip by squeezing, sitting and nails

June 13, 2017 − Sophie

7:42 minutes

236 - Here is the 19 yr old Sophie, showing in her first clip for HOL. She still don't have not yet so much experiences with balloons, but she popping some of them by pressing to her body, by sit2popping and using her fingernails.



electrical pump popping and Blow2Pop purple U16

June 09, 2017

4:01 minutes

235 - sexy Candy overinflating three balloons. Then she inflating another one (purple U16) by the electrical pump and doing a Blow2Pop



Angels fairground stories with her pin needle - Nr. 2 (no subtitles, german language)

June 06, 2017

9:44 minutes

234 - Angel coming home from her job and tell you about her last stories with balloons. She really like to pop balloons with her pin needle from other poeple, escpecially young people... While she tells Angel demonstrating it often by popping Q16 ballons with her pin needle.



playful with balloon - Nr. 2 [NonPop]

June 02, 2017 − Rebecca

8:18 minutes

233 - Rebecca have some fun with her balloons. No one getting popped [NonPop]



overinflation with the helium bottle

May 30, 2017 − Samira

11:04 minutes

232 - Samira inflating ballons on the helium gas bottle. Some of them popping by overinflating with a loud bang, but with some other she decicing to make a knot and let it fly to the ceiling



sexy Blow2Pop yellow TT17

May 27, 2017 − Daisy

9:33 minutes

231 - sexy Daisy doing a very intense Blow2Pop for you. She enjoying a lot of it and waiting excited for the "Happening". (beautiful ENGLISH CONVERSATION)



hot smoking and cig popping

May 23, 2017 − Candy

6:50 minutes

230 - hot Candy smoking for you in her 2nd clip. Taste her sexy, erotic smoking, her deep breath and her full red lips. The focus is on deep and sexy smoking, but she plays and pop also the balloons. What a girl. (smoking two cigarettes)